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Dental ImplantsIf you have loose or missing teeth, if you wear dentures but rather wouldn’t then dental implants are the solution for you. Here’s how they work.

A dental implant is a replacement for your own natural teeth that have either fallen out or have become loose and are causing you problems. The main issue when you loose a tooth is that you also loose the root, this is where the dental implants comes into play.

Firstly we will examine you and see that you are dentally healthy enough to have dental implants, ideally you should not be a smoker or agree to give up smoking as this will greatly impact the success of the dental implants, to such an extent that people who continue to smoke after having dental implants fitted almost always lose these replacement teeth too.

When we have established that you are dentally fit, we start the procedure, whites to place the implant into your jaw bone, this will be the anchor for the tooth or crown later on. The dental implant is normally made from titanium.

This procedure is normally has little or no pain, although we will give you any pain killers that may or may not be required. When the implant has been placed into your jaw we cover with your gum and we leave this for a few months, giving your jawbone time to grow around the implant and making it secure.

When the implant has been made secure we fit the tooth or crown, this is normally made from porcelain although there are other materials too. Once the crown has been fitted the treatment is complete and you have a fixed tooth again, which if you look after it properly and have a good dental hygiene process in place, it should last you a lifetime.

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