Invisalign at Skintek

Invisalign at Skintek

invisalignMany people in the UK suffer from crooked teeth, not only are crooked teeth unsightly but they can also cause you problems with crowding of your mouth, and eating problems.

Whilst most people would like to have their teeth straightened, most do not really like the idea of having metal braces going across the front of their teeth and this is why we offer the worlds leading invisible braces called Invisalign.

Invisalign has can be used on both adults and children. The results are normally seen within a few months and quite literally nobody need to know that you are actually having your teeth straightened at all.

First of all we need to examine you to ensure that you are suitable for Invisalign treatment. Just about everyone is but it’s best to check.

We will then take x-rays, pictures and impressions which will then create a 3-D image which will be sent to Invisalign. We can show you a repression of just how you will look when your teeth have been moved into their new position and you have you fabulous Invisalign smile.

You will then be provided with your clear aligners, these are worn throughout the day and you remove them when you clean your teeth. We will provide you with a new set of clear Invisalign aligners every two weeks. This is because we need to keep the pressure on your teeth that are moving and ensure that they move into the correct position.

Treatment is normally months rather than years and after it is completed you will be able to reveal your new Invisalign smile to the world.

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