Coaxmed lip-ice

Body contouring and fat dissolving treatments

The Coaxmed Lipo-Ice is a revolutionary machine that combines the actions of five different technologies in a single platform, to achieve a powerful synergy able to produce a dramatic improvement in several skin conditions.

The technologies include two types of Radiofrequency for skin tightening, Cavitation for Cellulite reduction, Vacuum for Lymphatic drainage and Fat Freezing for destroying the fat cells.

The unique LIPO-ICE technology works on the principle that the cells in our body react to cold at different temperature levels. During this ‘fat freezing’ procedure, the sophisticated device’s handpiece is pressed against the area to be treated and then by the use of a powerful vacuum, the area is ‘sucked’ into the specialized ‘cup’ and help there during the painless freezing procedure.

A cycle of intense cold (down to 10degC) starts within the handpiece head and only the fat cells in that area are affected. After the procedure the cooled fat cells begin a process called ‘apoptosis’, which brings them to a natural physiological death. This results in the loss of fat cells in the area over a short period of time as the body rids itself of the waste products naturally.

At least one or two treatments per area may be required.

After a thorough consultation, our experienced practitioner will be able to devise a suitable treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.



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